Customer Loyalty Techniques For Business to Business Marketing Programs

Times have and continue to change for B2B marketers. Now, more than ever, drawing upon behavioral and statistical insight to deliver marketing value to the C-Suite of B2B organizations is a strategic business imperative. From multi-channel communications to loyalty and retention initiatives, gaining first-hand insight into how companies are effectively aligning marketing programs to their customer lifecycles and voice-of-the-customer programs is the information B2B marketers are clamoring for to secure a competitive advantage and forge deep, lasting customer relationships to drive the bottom line. Using data driven insight to develop more tailored 1to1 marketing communication, loyalty and engagement programs is paramount to creating sustainable behavioral change within their company and customers.

Loyalty 360 – The Loyalty Marketer’s Association in partnership with SAS set out to uncover the keys to building and delivering successful customer experiences in B2B marketing. In an online survey conducted from September through mid-October 2010, more than 250 customer loyalty and retention executives from a cross section of B2B industries shared their insights and experiences. Their candid responses allowed SAS and Loyalty 360 to answer two critical questions:

  1. How are B2B companies becoming successful in customer loyalty and retention campaigns?
  2. How are they aligning their marketing programs to customer lifecycles and voice of the customer programs?