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Based on feedback from our Loyalty360 community and members, as the association for customer loyalty, Loyalty360 is excited to help our audience stay up to date on the latest in customer loyalty and customer experience with the latest and most relevant topics, trends, and data points through the Loyalty360 Customer Loyalty Statistics Database. 

For our Customer Loyalty Statistics Database, we collect relevant information from our own research, member research and reports, as well as industry statistics that are listed below, in one place, to help inform our audience. 

As new data points are released, we will do our best to keep a running list of the latest and greatest research available here. 

As mentioned, these statistics have been aggregated from a vareity of sources and there is a link provided with each one that may take you to another page on Loyalty360, to one of our members, or to an outside source. 

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2019 Statistics: 
  • Does your company put customer loyalty efforts at the center of the marketing and/or operations' team focus? 62 percent of Loyalty360 members said "yes" (2019 Loyalty360 Brand Member Digital Roundtables). 
  • Does your executive team believe in the potential of your loyalty program to drive stronger customer and/or brand loyalty with measurable results? 92 percent of Loyalty360 members said "yes" (2019 Loyalty360 Brand Member Digital Roundtables). 
  • Do you feel your current technology providers understand your brand and requirements to help you with yoru personzalization strategies? 47 percent of Loyalty360 members said "yes". 30 percent of Loyalty360 members said "not sure". (2019 Loyalty360 Brand Member Digital Roundtables). 
  • Over 50 percent of brands made an update to their loyalty program over the last year (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape). 
  • 60 percent of brands plan to make updates or changes to their existing loyalty programs in the next 12 months. 28 percent said they may make changes, and only 5 percent said they will not be making any changes (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape). 
  • The Top 10 new technologies or tools that brands are considering for 2019 are: Customer Journey/Experience Mapping (44 percent), CRM (43 percent), Email Marketing/Automation (35 percent), CMS/Web Experience (33 percent), Mobile Apps/Marketing (33 percent), Content Marketing/Automation (32 percent), Dashboards or Data Visualization (30 percent), SMS/Text Messaging (30 percent), Marketing Analytics/Attribution (29 percent), Optimization/Personalization (29 percent) (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape). 
  • 54 percent of brands said that their biggest challenge in picking the "right" technologies that enable customer loyalty are: Integration (54 percent), ROI (27 percent), Communication (7 percent), Vendors/Suppliers (7 percent), and Training (5 percent) (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape).
  • To measure customer loyalty strategy effectiveness, 60 percent of brands use sales/revenue, 56 percent use engagement, 55 percent use campaign response rates, 50 percent use retention/churn, 49 percent use activity rate, and 46 percent use customer satisfaction/effort (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape). 
  • Almost 24 percent of brand respondents can attribite 50 percent or more of their sales to loyalty (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape). 
  • Respondents said the three biggest challenges they face with loyalty strategy are: Keeping up with technology (21 percent), Customer Engagement (20 percent), Personalization (20 perccent), Data and Measurement (18 percent), Awareness and Acquisition (17 percent), and Seamless Omni-Channel Experience (14 percent) (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape). 
  • 61 percent of brands feel their is a gap in the technical knowledge required for their marketing teams today. (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape). 
  • 66 percent of brands said they feel their current loyalty programs or processes have strong executive level support (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape). 
  • 57 percent of brands said they have innovation teams within their organizations (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape). 
  • Over 50 percent of brands don't know, have not discussed, are in the initial planning, or have just started a POC when it comes to their personalization journey status. 20 percent said they currently have a strategy, and 24 percent said they are integrating one. (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape). 
  • Challenges faced in creating more personalization experiences, accoridng to brand respondents are: ROI (50 percent), Process/Communication (41 percent), Data and Privacy (41 percent), Corporate Commitment (32 percent), and Cultural Concerns/Training (19 percent). (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape). 
  • 61 percent of brands feel their company has the "right data" need to drive personalization efforts (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape).
  • 71 percent of brand respondents say they do not feel they understand blockchain or cryptocurrencies well enough to integrate them into their customer loyalty offering (2019 Loyalty360 Loyalty Landscape). 

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