Critical Factors to Ensure a Positive Customer Experience
Maritz Loyalty Marketing | December 17, 2012

Front-line sales employees have the biggest direct influence on driving positive Customer Experience, brand advocacy and community. An inspired, engaged and loyal employee channel drives better financial results and builds enduring customer loyalty. When employees and channel representatives have an authentic brand experience, they are better able and motivated to deliver a positive brand experience to the customers they serve. However, enabling sales channels (both direct and indirect) has become more challenging than ever before.

Firstly, with advancements in technology, there are more channels to contend with. Secondly, consumers are more informed, have higher expectations and are more willing to shop these multiple channels. New technologies, combined with old-fashioned employee incentives, training and communication, enable front-line employees to deliver a better Customer Experience at every brand touchpoint. Companies must change and evolve their assumptions about channel employees, so they can design more effective programs. While 55% of consumers feel customer service is getting worse1, 60% report they will spend an average of 7% more if they believe service to be excellent2.

Regardless of whether a company directly controls a channel or not, it is critical that it ensures the channel delivers the desired Customer Experience and fulfills the brand promise. Customers simply don’t care if the channel agent is a direct employee or not – it is all part of the brand experience to them.

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