Creating Value Through Personalizing Promotions at Scale
The Untie Nots Team | April 06, 2023

From a customer loyalty perspective, personalization is the future of providing meaningful and effective promotions. Even though the technology and actionable data to create personalized promotions has existed since the early 2000s, few brands have succeeded in delivering them at scale. Yet, personalization is a key element in increasing sales, profit, and customer loyalty. 

Untie Nots — a leader in enterprise technology that empowers retailers to deliver personalized, profitable, and gamified promotions at scale — released its recommendations for brands looking to launch successful personalized promotions. The case study reveals issues and solutions for brands looking to increase their personalization efforts with actionable steps by: 

  1. Aligning interests 

  1. Building a machine 

  1. Attracting an audience 

  1. Keeping them coming back 

  1. Staying light 

Read more about Untie Nots’ recommendations on how to effectively personalize promotions at scale. 
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