Consumer Research Report: The Marketer’s Guide to Brand Loyalty
The CrowdTwist Team | October 08, 2019

Customer loyalty is becoming harder and harder to attain.

With increased competition, brands are continually driving down prices (and margins) to make the sale. Savvy consumers can easily find what they want at the cheapest price with a quick internet search, forcing brands to have to think outside of the box to keep customers coming back. They’ll need to add value to the customer relationship by demonstrating they understand what their customer want through personalized and relevant experiences.

Recently, CrowdTwist conducted research into what makes customers loyal, how loyalty programs can help drive better customer experiences, how to create the shopping experiences that consumers want, and how to engage customers beyond their purchases.

This report, the first in a two-part series, provides recommendations for brands based on the general findings from our research, and reveals the brands consumers are most loyal to and insight into what features make the most popular loyalty programs in market today.

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