Consumer Behavior Data in Digital Purchase Validation Programs
The HelloWorld Team | November 13, 2017

Historically, CPG brands have struggled to get access to specific purchase behavior data. Retailers hold this data, of course. They know everything consumers buy, how often, under what circumstances, and what motivates their behaviors. However, they don’t typically share the data with brands due to the robust competitive information they have access to. While brands struggle to attribute purchases to marketing campaigns, connecting these dots is critical to understanding the value and ROI of marketing efforts.

Proof-of-purchase programs have long since been a way for a brand to get their hands on shopper data. Today, receipt validation programs sponsored by brands – where consumers upload or text a photo of their receipt to prove purchase, and that receipt is validated – are even more powerful, attributing purchases to marketing campaigns, and collecting data that puts a brand CMO in the driver’s seat of the insights they needed to create effective programs.

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