Confirmit CX Nudge Time to Take Action: A CX Engagement Toolkit to Support True Business Impact
The Confirmit Team | March 11, 2019

Are you surprised that your CX program is not delivering the results you are expecting? Is it struggling to drive sustainable change? Despite the comprehensive feedback your program has collected. Despite the advanced analytics identifying the key drivers and priorities for action. Despite provision of dashboards, reports and alerts communicating the need for change, why do our programs struggle to continue to deliver true business results, particularly after the first flush of ‘‘low hanging fruit’’? If this sounds familiar you are not alone. Confirmit has, over the years, witnessed how organizational issues hinder CX development. Internal barriers can worsen the silo mentality you might already be struggling with, and these barriers often come down to personality traits and styles. Together they affect the organization’s ability to execute new initiatives and take action.

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