Coalition LoyaltyBased CardLinked Offers A New Digital Era for Loyalty Marketing

Card-linked offers (CLOs) have paved the way for the convergence of payment transactions with coupon/ discount delivery, are bringing more customers through the doors of participating merchants and are keeping interest high in credit/debit cards that provide rewards, points, daily deals, cash-back savings or discounts.

But CLOs are ready for a new wave of participating merchants who not only want to deliver coupons and discounts, but also want more frequent and steady customers, more data-driven insights into their customers’ transactions, higher sales and greater ownership of the loyalty they often share with the financial institutions that issue the cards.

CLOs are also facing a new generation of mobile-minded consumers who want their CLO credit and debit cards to earn valuable rewards from a larger, multi-merchant network of stores and brands. The coalition loyalty-based CLO will give merchants a larger stake in the loyalty process, support proactive merchant-specific marketing opportunities, embrace the behaviors and desires of mobile-empowered customers for multiple earning opportunities, and deliver universal value in rewards that can be redeemed in a nationwide coalition loyalty program as savings on fuel at the pump.
The Fuel Rewards® program outlines how this new CLO platform will play out to the benefit of merchants and consumers across the nation.