Coalition Loyalty A Roadmap for Success in the U.S.
Brandon Logsdon, President and CEO, Excentus | April 21, 2015

Across the U.S., membership continues to grow in loyalty programs offered by brands, and loyalty-based rewards are already becoming a standard form of currency in digital wallets and mobile transactions—two trends that provide U.S. companies with emerging opportunities to adopt a universal, loyalty-based currency that can be earned and redeemed nationwide. In a country as geographically expansive and economically diverse as the U.S., cents-off-per-gallon at the gas pump emerges as a frequently used, high-demand “currency” that can support a successful, nationwide coalition loyalty program.

Popular elsewhere but still relatively untapped in the United States, coalition loyalty programs encourage rewards-based partnerships among well-known brands, giving them new opportunities to increase sales and attract new customers. Consumers in turn, benefit from expanded opportunities to earn and redeem rewards from frequent, everyday purchases. This universal currency can serve as the foundation for a successful coalition loyalty program that links U.S. brands from retail, dining, entertainment, apparel, department store, travel, electronics, sporting goods and other sectors. U.S. brands today stand to reap the rewards of coalition loyalty initiatives, including more customers, increased sales, lower start-up costs through shared data and resources, and the offer of fuel rewards to their customers—all without discounting the brand.

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