Card Power The Core of a Successful Loyalty Program
Jet | September 11, 2013


The question facing most brands is: How do You Increase the Spend and Frequency from your Consumers? The purpose of our research was to uncover data and best practices around the use of cards within a loyalty program. We found interesting information on how to increase sales in a market where the “the next big thing” always seems to be changing.

Keeping your brand present, and prevalent, in the minds and buying behaviors of consumers is becoming more challenging. Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages, in multiple channels, and ensuring your message is heard and acted upon is every marketer’s desire.

Jet, the leader in loyalty and gift card programs, is seeing this trend become the new norm. Tony Haugen, Senior Vice President remarks, “We are hearing from many clients
how important it is for them to keep existing consumers shopping, and bring them back to purchase more often. The value of having and executing a good loyalty program has become more critical and in demand than we have ever seen before.” 


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