Automating Personalized Customer Conversations With AI
The HTK Team | June 03, 2020

Direct conversations with your company should be one of the most personalized experiences a
customer has. Whether it's a support inquiry, an order confirmation email or a request for feedback, it’s one of
the few times they’re truly being addressed as a “segment of one”.
But often, these interactions are the least personal. Standardized and dull, they do little to make a customer
feel valued or cared for. So what's getting in the way? For most companies, the issue is less
about their strategy or commitment to customer experience, and more about how well they use customer
data to make decisions on an individual level.
Imagine a customer reaches out via your business's support email with an inquiry. To respond in a
personalized way, you’d want to know things like:
• basic demographic information
• how long they’ve been a customer
• what they last purchased and when
• whether they’ve contacted you before and how recently
• how valuable they are to your business

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