At-Site vs. Above-Site Loyalty, Conexxus Mobile 2.0, and the Total Addressable Member Opportunity

In this White paper we dive deep into the key differences between 1) at-site loyalty and 2) above-site loyalty, explain the capabilities and constraints of the Conexxus Mobile standard, and show how at-site/above-site and the Conexxus Mobile standard relate to your brand’s total addressable member opportunity.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Leveraging a combination of both at-site and above-site loyalty, using a Loyalty Host and an MPPA, enables retailers to go after 100% of their Total Addressable Member Opportunity.
  • Enabling at-site loyalty utilizing a Loyalty Host will generate a minimum 5x lift in the number of enrolled members
  • At-site enabled programs consistently out-perform above-site only programs in terms of business outcomes

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