Acing the CEM Experiment: Loyalty and Customer Engagement

Retailers today understand that customers begin their buying process long before they set foot in a store.  They are rethinking how they can reach their target audience with the right information, at the price right just when they need it.  Retailers now understand that having meaningful conversations with customers and simplifying thier buying choices can reap massive benefits in terms of loyatly and brand advocacy.

In this ebook, we show you how some of our customers are seeing real business benefits by redefining traditional ways to improve customer engagement and build loyalty and brand affinity.  

Topics covered in this ebook:

  • Rewards Based Loyalty Programs
  • Points Based Loyalty Programs
  • Gift Card Solution
  • Multi Channel Engagement
  • New Joinee Program
  • Cashier Incentive
  • Customer Feedback Management
  • Customer Complaint Management