A New Kind of Loyalty: How to Build Emotional Loyalty and Drive Revenue Growth

For more than 300 years, shop owners and marketers have been experimenting with methods to drive customer loyalty. From redeeming tokens and stamps to collecting box tops and punch cards, loyalty programs were (and still can be) a way to move customers along the buyer’s journey and retain them. After all, it pays to have loyal fans, as they often spend more and provide free advertising as they spread the word to friends and colleagues.

But with a world of choices now at their fingertips, consumers are no longer confined to the limited selection that’s available at their neighborhood store. They can buy whatever they want, whenever they want it at a competitive price by shopping around the internet.

But the digital age calls for a new kind of loyalty — one that goes beyond reward cards and frequent flyer miles. Building genuine, lasting relationships requires a deeper connection between brands and customers: an advanced state of loyalty called emotional loyalty.

In this ebook, we’ll examine the ins and outs of emotional loyalty, how to drive it, and what better loyalty management looks like as you consider...

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