A Marketer
The Snipp Team | June 07, 2016

Online retailing may have grown in leaps and bounds, but brick-and-mortar stores still account for the lion’s share of retail sales, projected to remain as high as 90% in 2018.1 The in-store experience is therefore still a prime focus for marketing, with huge potential for spurring loyalty and repeat customers.2

Getting the attention of distracted shoppers while they’re in-store is no easy feat, especially since more than 90% actively use their phones while shopping.3 For marketers, finding innovative ways to bring mobile devices into play can be effective in reaching this huge swath of the retail population. From iBeacons and geo-fencing, to loyalty apps and online shopping, there are myriad tools that can influence a shopper’s path through the aisles. But most promotions operate only up to the check-out counter, as the point of sale is an exceedingly difficult space to conquer – despite its importance as a marketing checkpoint, and the valuable, granular purchase data that it captures. 

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