A Guide To Building Customer-Centric Loyalty Programs: 16 Actionable Strategies
The Comarch Team | September 02, 2020

Customer loyalty’ has taken on new meaning in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. The traditional definition of loyalty is being challenged by the new normal, and needs to be redefined. At a time when consumers are more willing to switch brands or try alternatives, how can brands ensure customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty?

A recent survey conducted to understand consumer trends during COVID-19 revealed that consumers care about availability. If products are unavailable, 41% consumers said they would turn to less familiar brands as options. However, some of the consumers surveyed said they would stick with their brand preferences, which proves that customer loyalty is not dead.

This behavior shows the importance of a strong customer loyalty strategy for brands in all industries. Consumers today feel that brands need to work harder to earn their loyalty, especially as switching to other brands or products is as easy as a ‘click’ or ‘tap.’ Nearly 70% of consumers agree their loyalty is more difficult for a retailer to maintain than ever before, while 88% agree retailers could do more to earn their long-term loyalty.

Brands need to understand what makes their customers loyal to them, as it can be unique for each brand and this ultimately reveals insights as to what customers want and need from the brand.

This requires a rich understanding of consumer psychology and a change in the organizational mind-set that puts customer-centricity at its core.

In this white paper, we will explore how changing consumer psychology is impacting buying decisions and propose 16 actionable strategies that brands can implement to connect with their customers at a deeper level by enhancing their company culture, loyalty strategy, and loyalty program.

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