5 Ways to Reward the Modern Loyalty Program Member 
The Bakkt Team | October 18, 2022

The loyalty industry has come a long way from printing coupons on box tops. Today, loyalty programs can be leveraged by nearly any brand to drive revenue and deepen customer engagement. But because loyalty programs are now so widespread, it’s becoming more difficult for brands to stand out. Plus, consumer buying habits are changing. Customers want more flexibility, convenience, and payment options. When they see a limitation or obstacle, they’ll quickly move to the next offering that can meet their needs. 

Bakkt surveyed 1,000 respondents and focused meetings with frequent loyalty users to better understand what customers want from loyalty programs. Research is pointing to new trends in the loyalty sector that are impossible to ignore. Loyalty members want new and innovative redemption options that are easy to understand, personalized and attainable.  

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