46 Brands that Leverage Social Media Engagement to Build Loyalty
CrowdTwist | November 02, 2015

Social media has become a vital component of consumers’ daily communication and engagement activities. The platform has changed the way marketers share information and the ways in which they engage consumers. Yet many companies aren’t moving beyond acquiring likes and follows to build genuine loyalty and advocacy in a strategic fashion. They miss out on the Word-of-Mouth (WOM) benefits that come from engaging and rewarding active social consumers. Just 20 percent of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) say they leverage social networks for engaging with customers, so there’s room for improvement.

Today, it’s essential for companies to incorporate social media into their loyalty strategies to create conversations, engage consumers, and build meaningful relationships. And there’s value. People who interact with brands through social media demonstrate a deeper emotional commitment to those companies, as well as spend between 20 percent to 40 percent more than other customers on branded products and services. Brands that link strategic incentives to the social actions they want can drive specific fan behavior, and ultimately win greater loyalty.

This e-book highlights 46 brands that use social media engagement strategies to propel loyalty. The document features nine in-depth use cases to show you how how to attain success.


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