2022 U.S. Consumer Attitudes and Trends in Personalization, Privacy, Messaging and Loyalty
The Cheetah Digital Team | June 22, 2022

With all data contrasted with consumers from around the globe, as well as our 2021 study.

It’s never been more difficult, nor important for marketers to stay one step ahead of consumer purchasing habits. Like it or not, recent events have changed the way we “internet” and consumer buying behavior with an air of permanence.  With more eyeballs than ever online, to win and maintain the custom of today’s tech-savvy consumers, marketers need to connect with them on the right channel, with the right message, at the right time.

Our new global research reveals the key trends driving purchase decisions for U.S. consumers. Get all the data revealing online consumer expectations, the channels consumers want to connect on and the data they’re prepared to share in return for more personalized experiences.

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