2017 Shopper Research on Digital & In-store Engagement
The HelloWorld Team | July 20, 2017

Mobile has become the ultimate shopping buddy, connecting consumers to their favorite brands at all phases of the consumer journey and influencing purchase decisions in the store. While clothing and restaurant brands were among the first to embrace mobile activations -- often serving as trailblazers when it comes to emerging social media, in-store technology and real-time engagement -- consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands have quickly followed in their footsteps.

With U.S. retail ecommerce sales in food and beverage expected to have the highest compound annual growth rate between 2015-2020, CPG brands must continue to devise their digital marketing strategies, while finding new ways to engage in traditional retail stores. We set out to explore current shoppers’ attitudes and behaviors, and where mobile, promotion, and technology play a role.

To help CPG companies/manufacturers better understand this quickly evolving space and the opportunities to better engage consumers, HelloWorld’s Digital and In-Store Engagement survey polled 1,600+ U.S. residents ages 18-65 about their engagement, rewards, and purchase behaviors while shopping for groceries.

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