2016 Retail Shopping Study: A Marketer
The SessionM Team | March 30, 2017

In today’s mobile-first world, consumer expectations are high and their needs are specific. Retail shoppers expect consistent communication and shopping experiences across all channels and touchpoints - not just in-store - and if brands fail to deliver, consumers will move on to other brands that do it better.

In fact, according to eMarketer, brands with omnichannel consumer engagement retain 89% of their consumers, compared to just 33% for brands with little to no omnichannel engagement.

With nearly a third of the 3.3 billion Black Friday online sales coming from mobile, the need for an omnichannel strategy that reaches consumers and builds relationships is becoming a necessity.

In this study, we look into consumer retail shopping trends and how smartphones influence the shopper’s journey to learn how retail brands can more effectively reach and retain consumers to build loyalty and richer relationships.

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