20 Marketing Strategies to Challenge Amazon
The CrowdTwist Team | February 19, 2019

Despite consumer spending reaching its highest in eight years, 2017 saw major changes in the
retail space. 50 US retailers filed for bankruptcy, and some brick and mortar stores scaled back and
closed locations.

Where did consumers spend their money? It’s safe to say that Amazon had a standout year. Amazon.com took 44% of all U.S. e-commerce sales and 4% of all US retail sales in 2017, reaching 178 billion U.S. dollars in net sales. While many speculate that Amazon has contributed to the demise of traditional retail, it’s important to note that only 8.9% of retail sales last year were made online, and in fact, 91.1% of the $5.7 trillion consumers spent was at brick and mortar retail.

So, while it’s valuable for brands to learn from Amazon’s success, it’s just as important to observe how other brands are successfully innovating and competing for loyalty in their space. In this e-book, we’ll examine how Amazon has changed the loyalty game, and how brands can apply similar tactics to win and retain customers. Plus, we’ll take a look at other brands that are leading loyalty innovation and holding their own against the retail giant.

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