Josh Harker, Data Gathering Strategist, Allegiance and Kyle LaMalfa, Best Practices Director & Loyalty Expert, Allegiance | December 23, 2009

11 Easy Ways to Improve Your Survey Response Rate

Surveys are a powerful and cost-effective way to gather information, identify and diagnose problems, and uncover new and emerging opportunities. However, one of the biggest challenges that many companies face in conducting surveys is getting the right mix of people to take their surveys and also getting a high enough response rate in order to ensure that their survey results are accurate.

The best way to calculate a survey response rate is to divide the number of surveys taken by the number of participants contacted. For example, if you contact 100 people and 30 people respond, you would have 30/100 = .3. Multiply .3 by 100% and your total response rate for that survey would be 30%.

Survey response rates can vary widely depending on whether you are conducting your survey via phone, email, a paper survey, etc., what industry you’re in, and whether your survey is going to customers or employees. Although there is no single way to improve your response rates, following are some easy steps that you can take that, when combined, will help you improve your survey response rates:

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