10 Engagement and Loyalty Marketing Predictions for 2016

As competition increases, brands continue to contend for new customers, as well as work to retain existing ones. No matter whether you are concentrating on acquisition or retention—or both—customer loyalty remains a critical part of your marketing strategy. A single sale doesn’t guarantee that a customer will necessarily return. Today, loyalty requires brands to be more strategic, personalized, and engaging.
In 2016, loyalty and engagement will continue to evolve. Brands must embrace technology, spread their programs across multiple channels and touchpoints, and motivate customers to join conversations and be active beyond transactions. Here are 10 loyalty marketing and engagement predictions for 2016 that will pave the way for continued affinity and heightened customer appreciation for your brand.
“Loyalty programs have evolved from a push marketing initiative to a pull marketing strategy. To be effective in today’s multichannel world, brands must deliver value, be relevant, and find ways to engage consumers and encourage activity beyond a single channel.” -Geoff Smith, SVP of Marketing, CrowdTwist.