The rise and subsequent fall of mass marketing strategies has been a constant theme over recent years; as the marketing net grows, engagement shrinks, and consumers have grown tired of one-size-fits-all promotions. The phrase “work smarter, not harder” is entirely fitting in the world of digital engagement, and smarter solutions may be here, thanks to a new wave of campaigns informed by artificial intelligence.
On June 2nd, a panel of experts representing some of the companies on the forefront of this marketing evolution will share insights and best practices surrounding the emergence of artificial intelligence in the digital marketing space.
“We see countless examples all around us of how artificial intelligence streamlines our everyday lives,” said Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360. “We look forward to exploring how the technology now has its sights set on marketing, and the challenges that come with it. This panel is sure to be a valuable resource for marketers looking to implement AI into their digital marketing strategy.”
The webinar, “How Can AI Help Marketers Solve Customer Insight Challenges?”, features three unique perspectives on the topic: Brandon Purcell, Senior Analyst at Forrester; Ujwal Dhoot, VP-Marketing at Charming Charlie’s; and Varij Saurabh, Director of Customer Analytics at Manthan. Through these viewpoints, attendees will obtain a complete view of artificial intelligence, and how it’s looking to streamline the entire digital marketing paradigm.
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