Gathering large quantities of data is no longer the feat that companies strive for. Instead, these brands are on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of their data, eager to surface data points that can easily be acted upon to improve customer experience in a meaningful, measurable way. This is where The Draw Shop comes in.
With the company’s Interactive Whiteboard Animation [IWA] technology, The Draw Shop gives clients the means to gather data that is significantly more detailed than what had been previously possible. The Draw Shop will walk attendees through these methods, including branching story paths that allow for point-to-point preference data collection, during their June 13th webinar, “Give Them What They Want: Customer Onboarding That Will Surprise and Delight.”
Over the course of the webinar, audience members will hear from Greg Adamietz, VP of Partnerships at Rapt Media, platform partner of The Draw Shop, as he explains the benefits of IWA’s interactivity, a crucial feature for customers that have been conditioned to ignore passive advertising points in favor of those that allow for two-way engagement.
Register now for this 1pm webinar, and gain a first-hand look at the ways in which customer engagement continues to transform, and how your brand can stay one step ahead of your competition with IWA technology.
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