Loyalty360, The Association for Customer Loyalty, is proud to share the 2018 Loyalty360 Customer Award winners, which were announced on October 25th during Loyalty360’s Customer Expo in Nashville, Tennessee. The awards recognize brands that are building stronger and deeper relationships with their customers in a proactive, meaningful, and—most importantly—measurable way. Loyalty360 awarded finalists in nine categories, each representing a key facet of a brand’s customer loyalty focus. Additionally, winners for the Loyalty360 360 Degree Awards and Loyalty360 Honors were also announced during the ceremony.

Earlier this fall, four brand finalists for each category were chosen by a board of judges comprised of Loyalty360 members, representing some of the top minds in customer loyalty. During the conference, each of the selected finalists delivered a short presentation on their brand’s award entry, after which conference attendees voted for what they felt represented platinum, gold, silver, and bronze winners in each category.

The winners are as follows:

Awareness and Acquisition 
Platinum: AccorHotels 
Gold: Adidas 
Silver: Best Western Hotels & Resorts 
Bronze: Caesars Entertainment

Brand Messaging & Communication 
Platinum: Ally Financial 
Gold: Best Western Hotels & Resorts 
Silver: AccorHotels 
Bronze: Caesars Entertainment

Brand Collaboration 
Platinum: T-Mobile US 
Gold: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts 
Silver: Best Western Hotels & Resorts 
Bronze: Troon

Employee Impact 
Platinum: Overstock.com 
Gold: ULTA Beauty 
Silver: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts 
Bronze: Troon

Customer Experience & Engagement 
Platinum: Kellogg’s 
Gold: Pepsi 
Silver: BB&T 
Bronze: National Lacrosse League

Customer Centric Culture 
Platinum: T-Mobile US 
Gold: Loblaws 
Silver: Foot Locker 
Bronze: Caesars Entertainment

Experience & Design Innovation 
Platinum: Budweiser 
Gold: Canadian Red Cross 
Silver: Allianz Partners 
Bronze: Prudential Financial

Customer Insights 
Platinum: Sony Rewards 
Gold: Firehouse Subs 
Silver: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts 
Bronze: Canadian Red Cross

Loyalty & Advocacy 
Platinum: AMC Networks 
Gold: ULTA Beauty 
Silver: Sleep Number 
Bronze: YesWay

360 Degree Brand 
Platinum: T-Mobile US 
Gold: AccorHotels 
Silver: ULTA Beauty 
Bronze: Best Western Hotels & Resorts

360 Degree Vendor 
Platinum: CrowdTwist

Loyalty360 Honors 
Brand: Ally Financial 
Brand: Overstock.com 
Vendor: CrowdTwist 
Vendor: Lenati 
Individual: Brian Venuti, Luxottica 
Individual: Jimmy Budnik, Overstock.com

“This is the second year for the Loyalty360 Customer Awards and we were beyond impressed with the strength of submissions,” said Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360. “There continues to be a growing focus on all aspects around the customer, and these awards reflect the interest in the domain. The awards are judged by an esteemed panel of judges with hundreds of years in combined experience, and the resulting finalists are those who have committed to truly putting the customer first. Thank you to all of our judges and award finalists for making this year’s Customer Awards a great success.”

For more information about the Loyalty360 Customer Awards or Customer Expo 2018, contact Carly Stemmer at [email protected]or visit our website at customerexpo.com.

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