[Podcast] CMO Challenge Report: The Defining Characteristics Of Contemporary Customer Loyalty

Definitions are never static concepts; they are fluid and dynamic and definitions will change based on a variety of subjective vantage points, particular perspectives, and prevailing ideologies. Even though definitions evolve, we can still understand a contemporary context by engaging those who are actively participating in the social construction of cultural meanings. Since the focus here is customer loyalty, defining it as a concept affords us the opportunity to better understand its current position of prevalence and significance. We certainly see this concept gaining more and more momentum in the marketing industry today. It is not that customer loyalty was ever completely insignificant, but its status as an effective and important engagement strategy is reaching new heights. 

The rise of customer loyalty as a substantial addition to the entire marketing toolkit heralds many exciting opportunities, and this acknowledgement by major brands across almost all industry verticals was one of the key takeaways of this report. 

The webinar will explore answers from leading brands like Hilton and Fidelity Investments as they relate to four pillars of contemporary customer loyalty:

  • Holistic Engagement
  • Relationship Building
  • Loyalty Reflected
  • Brand Advocacy and Emotional Connection