Changing Times

Loyalty marketing, as we know it, has never been more in the mainstream of marketing than it is today.  We’re seeing greater attention paid to our niche, with record attendance at Loyalty Expo and growing interest from more brands in more categories.

As great as Loyalty Expo was this year, too much of the dialogue continued to focus on points, rewards, discounts and deals.  There were relatively few exceptions to this theme, leading one conference newcomer (from one of the world’s top, customer-centric brands) to wonder, “Why does everyone here seem to equate loyalty with points and programs?”

Meanwhile, Amazon – without a standard points program − continues to maintain its position at the top of every list highlighting brands that engender loyalty and trust.  While I’ve long been bullish about Amazon and continue to maintain that it is the best retailer in the world at loyalty marketing, others (even inside rDialogue) are increasingly sharing that opinion.  Forbes even posited recently that Amazon might be the next Apple.