Ad Tech Video Blog Tom Burgess, CEO, Linkable Networks

In this video blog series, Mark Johnson speaks with attendees of Ad Tech held in San Francisco, April 12-14, 2012. In this video, Mark discusses with Tom Burgess, CEO of Linkable Networks, the following questions:

  1. With the advent of social, mobile and other emerging technologies, how do brands effectively engage their audience in this challenging and very dynamic marketing environment?
  2. What will be the biggest opportunity for marketers in the next 3-5 years?
  3. In engagement, perception is everything and loyalty is a culmination of a series of effective engagements and those experiences; how do brands effectively engage individuals in this diverse and data-centric ecosphere?
  4. Does your technology use design to evoke the senses to shape and steer meaningful and desired perceptions for product and brands?
  5. Give us a high level overview of your product and how it helps drive more effective engagement and therefore better marketing outcomes.

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