Retail Recap Q1 2019: Subscription Trend Heats Up the Loyalty World

  • April 11 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Jim Tierney, Clarus Commerce

In our first edition of Retail Recap for 2019, we saw the launch of the Apple Card, the upward trajectory tied to Major League Baseball’s innovative approach to customer loyalty, Burger King’s entry into the subscription market...Read More

How to Create Loyalty Moments Through Customer Experience

  • March 11 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Kelley Gargano, Senior Director of Product Management, Clarus Commerce

Loyalty moments occur when we have interactions with a brand that create a lasting impact and shape our future interactions.Companies that focus on creating more loyalty moments with their customers will reap the benefits and greatly enhance their...Read More

Premium Loyalty? Subscription Loyalty? What Do We Call This Paid Loyalty Trend?

  • February 13 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Brian Carl, Clarus Commerce

In recent years we have seen many brands rethink their retail strategies by using premium loyalty programs.As loyalty program benefits become more experiential-based to attract additional customers and build emotional connections...Read More

Why You Have to Stop Thinking in Points When it Comes to Customer Loyalty

  • January 25 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Paul Wolfer, Clarus Commerce

When you think of a loyalty program, what comes to mind?Points? Discounts? Scanning a loyalty card or giving your phone number at checkout?Traditionally, that’s what loyalty programs have looked like. And just about every retailer invests...Read More

Why You Should Be Thinking about Premium Loyalty in 2019

  • December 21 2018
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Michael Iannucci, Clarus Commerce

It is significantly costlier to acquire a new customer than to retain one you already have.Competition is increasing, while loyalty is decreasing. Consider the impact of loyalty fatigue: The average consumer belongs to more than 14 loyalty...Read More

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