Rapid Response—Tips for Managing Fuel Pricing During a Crisis

  • June 02 2021
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Gabe Ortega, PDI Software

Most often, disruption in the fuel supply chain comes with little warning, as it did this week with the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline system. While the magnitude of the impact on this critical supply artery isn’t fully clear, there...Read More

Ransomware Don’t Care

  • May 28 2021
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

With apologies to my favorite wildlife creature/meme/video/viral sensation over the last decade, I’d like to talk about ransomware.If you think “honey badger don’t care,” wait until your first experience with ransomware...Read More

Strong Gains in March: Are They Real?

  • May 14 2021
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

C-store trips have been increasing steadily and catching up to pre-pandemic levels. This is good news, but c-Stores still have to recapture all of their lost trips, as shoppers have not resumed all their previous habits.  A steady climb in...Read More

4 Tips to Help C-Stores Maximize Customer Engagement

  • April 26 2021
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Loyalty programs are a central component of many convenience retailers’ marketing and customer engagement strategies, and for good reason. They collect vital customer data and insights into member behaviors, provide value to members...Read More

How to Manage the Security Threats Hitting Your Business

  • April 15 2021
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Tom Callahan, PDI

In today’s “smart,” connected world, cybercriminals and their tools are having a field day. Anything connected to the internet is within reach as bad actors execute phishing campaigns and malware strains that are...Read More

How to Ensure Business Continuity and Customer Satisfaction

  • March 17 2021
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Defining success for any vision begins with asking, “What does success look like?” As with any good strategy, we begin the year with a clear set of objectives and key results to measure along the way. When change happens, whether...Read More

Breach Prevention Basics: Cybersecurity Lessons from the SolarWinds Attacks

  • March 08 2021
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

We live in a world of clickbait and algorithms that favor the most extreme titles, opinions and content. Add in the real challenges individuals and corporations faced over the last 12 months, and we may be tempted to ignore certain big stories in...Read More

How to Use Age Verification to Sell Restricted Products on Your C-Store Mobile App

  • February 05 2021
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Melissa West, PDI

You may be thinking, “age restricted products, don’t those items sell themselves?” And while it may seem as though items such as cigarettes and beer sell themselves at your convenience store, it’s important to find ways to...Read More

6 Data Types C-Stores Need to Boost Their Fuel Pricing Strategy

  • December 15 2020
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Gabe Ortega, PDI Software

Turkey, travel and time with family are the hallmarks of a typical Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. Yet, despite 2020 being an atypical year, millions of Americans took to the airways and highways this past week in what became one of the busiest...Read More

5 Loyalty Lessons You Shouldn't Ignore During COVID-19

  • November 20 2020
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

It’s been nearly 300 day since officials confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in the U.S. In that time, the country has undergone shutdowns, reopenings, and everything in between as the government and health experts have grappled...Read More

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