Creating a Community Centered Around Technology: A Q&A with Lenovo on Exceling as a Challenger Brand & Building Customer Loyalty

  • June 02 2023
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusive

In nearly 40 years since its founding, Lenovo has grown into a global technology company with $70 billion in annual revenue. Ranked in the Fortune Global 500, the company builds technology solutions from pocket to cloud across consumers, small...Read More

Relentlessly Pursuing New Ideas: How Lenovo Leverages Its Role as a Challenger Brand & Creates Customer Loyalty

  • May 19 2023
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusive

Lenovo is one of the most recognizable brands in the PC manufacturing industry. Founded nearly 40 years ago, the global technology giant builds solutions serving individual consumers, as well as small businesses, the public sector (education), and...Read More

Lenovo’s Carlo Savino Discusses New Loyalty Program

  • October 10 2019
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusive
  • Mark Johnson | Loyalty360

The importance of loyalty programs in building customer engagement cannot be understated. We continue to see more and more brands use loyalty as a tool to build the necessary emotional connections to drive long term customer loyalty. Now, a...Read More