Challenges of Measuring Emotional Loyalty and Fostering Unified Support

  • July 21 2022
  • Resource: Daily News

When determining whether or not to incorporate an emotional loyalty program into an overall customer loyalty and marketing strategy, businesses need to be savvy about not only what their customers want and need, but what will encourage cooperation...Read More

Challenges of Building Emotional Loyalty in Changing Customer Landscape

  • July 15 2022
  • Resource: Daily News

Many businesses are incorporating emotional loyalty plans into their customer loyalty strategies; however, with the ever-fluctuating changes in consumer behaviors, it is challenging for brands to know the best approach to building the relationship...Read More

Segmentation and Personalization Continue to Grow in Customer Loyalty

  • April 26 2022
  • Resource: Daily News

By segmenting customer data, companies are able to understand more about their end customers and their purchasing patterns. From there, it is easier to personalize loyalty programs down to an individual level to provide targeted communications...Read More

Harnessing First and Zero-Party Data Key to Dynamic Customer Experience

  • April 21 2022
  • Resource: Daily News

Brands have access to more customer data than ever before, but that data remains nothing more than zeroes and ones unless they have the proper tools to transform that data into useful information. Making a personalized offer to a customer is a...Read More

Delivering a 1:1 Experience with Personalized Offers at Scale: Q&A with Formation CEO Christian Selchau-Hansen

  • February 08 2022
  • Resource: Daily News

In a rapidly changing digital world, it can be a significant challenge for marketers to get their message across when every brand is trying to capture consumers’ limited attention. This challenge is only made more difficult by the need for...Read More

3 Loyalty and CX Trends to Follow in 2021

  • March 17 2021
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Loyalty360 Team

While 2020 may have left many brand marketers scratching their heads and seeing stars, the year that was offered all of us an opportunity to possibly see what the future holds for customer experience, brand engagement, and the evolution of loyalty...Read More

Gamification: The Challenges and Best Strategies to Use

  • March 05 2021
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Loyalty360

Though gamification is a familiar concept, it is undergoing a resurgence as brands look for interactive ways to further engage consumers. With the task of attracting customers and an overarching goal of building brand loyalty, gamification is...Read More

Effective Loyalty Segmentation by Age Demographic | Loyalty360 Member Perspective

  • September 03 2020
  • Resource: Daily News

Most customer loyalty programs or strategies are designed to appeal to various segments. After all, a 40-year-old accountant may not have a similar buying habit as that of a 19-year-old sophomore in college. The statistics certainly back up the...Read More

Webinar Focuses on Data-Led, Customer-Centric Strategies

  • August 25 2020
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Tim Pennington, Loyalty360

As consumers’ buying behaviors continue to evolve, the challenge for brands to better understand the customer is more important. “Companies need to implement a data-led, customer-centric strategy that delivers actionable insights into...Read More

Forming Customer Bonds Through Hyper-Personalization – Loyalty360 Exclusive Q&A with Christian Selchau-Hansen, CEO at Formation | Part II

  • April 29 2020
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Mark Johnson | Loyalty360

Engaging and creating the best hyper-personalized customer experiences is top of mind for most brands. Loyalty360 recently spoke with Christian Selchau-Hansen, CEO of Formation, a global leader in developing scalable solutions for individualized...Read More

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