WhatsApp Outperforms Other Social Media Platforms in Survey

In new data release by SportsLens.com, WhatsApp was favored by social media users, ahead of other popular platforms Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. The platform had over 420 million downloads in 2022 and currently boasts over two billion active users. 

The Digital 2023: Global Overview Report surveyed social media users aged 16-64 and determined their platform preferences. 16% of respondents cited WhatsApp as their preferred platform, ahead of Instagram (14.3%), TikTok (6.1%), and Facebook (0.1%). 

“WhatsApp ranks high in this dynamic market,” says SportsLens.com. “While Facebook and YouTube may lead by the number of monthly active users, for most social media users, WhatsApp is the number one platform.” 

Interestingly, while the platform was the favorite among survey respondents, the average time spent using WhatsApp dropped over the course of 2022. The report revealed WhatsApp users decreased their time on the app by 6.7%, one of the only apps who experienced a decrease in usage. 


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