Walgreens and Postmates Expand Partnership for an Expansion of On-Demand Delivery into Thirteen New Cities

Avid users of Postmates rejoice, there is a new store coming to the app that will surely improve your experience, simplifying life for those making constant trips to their local pharmacies and convenience stores. That’s the beauty of Postmates - maybe you forgot something during your weekly grocery shopping? Pull out your phone, place an order, and it will be at your front door within the hour. What a time to be alive.

After a successful rollout phase in select Walgreens stores in New York City and Brooklyn last October, Walgreens and Postmates have announced that their on-demand delivery service of select items will now be available in 13 additional cities throughout the country.

Consumers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Portland (OR), Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Houston, can now get health and wellness and convenience products delivered to them via Postmates.

"We are thrilled to expand delivery service from Walgreens stores to more cities, especially Los Angeles, where we are the market leader with more than 120 percent more market share than the closest competitor," said Craig Whitmer, vice president, merchant business development at Postmates. "The drug store/convenience category is one that customers turn to for convenience on the Postmates platform."

To celebrate the announcement, Postmates is offering a one-time free delivery, through Sunday, March 15. Shoppers can click here to get started. They will need to enter the code WALGREENS at checkout on Postmates.com or in the Postmates app.

"Convenience is becoming increasingly important to our shoppers. They are looking to retailers, like Walgreens, to help them save time in their busy lives," said Stefanie Kruse, vice president, digital commerce, and omni-channel at Walgreens. "It's all about getting customers what they need, when and where is most convenient for them. We look forward to making our core product assortment available in these new cities through our expanded ongoing collaboration with Postmates, a leader in the industry providing on-demand delivery to customers, direct-to-their-door, or wherever they are."

An incredibly innovative partnership: with 8 million Walgreens store customer interactions each day in all 50 states, combined with Postmates 80 percent coverage of U.S. households, it seems to be an enormously beneficial partnership for both sides. Postmates is leading the industry, with the first-ever subscription service for its customers offering free delivery on all merchants by joining their “Postmates Unlimited” service.

Delivery services are increasingly becoming the preferred method of purchase for many people throughout the country, and it makes complete sense for companies to leverage their reach to customers in any way possible. As third-party delivery looks to push the envelope, many are focused on the best ways to improve overall customer experience. Most recently, Postmates and Instacart made a unique update to their services by providing a “no contact” drop-off delivery option, which completely removes the aspect of the process that involves interacting with another person, if the customer chooses.  

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