Ulta Beauty at the 2023 Loyalty Expo: How to Develop Successful Loyalty Partnerships

As brands seek to provide more one-to-one personalization and meaningful value for loyal guests, many look to leverage partnerships with companies that are relevant to guests’ wants and needs. Understanding which brands are truly relevant to the guest experience and will increase loyalty member engagement is often difficult to determine. Ulta Beauty has developed successful, meaningful loyalty partnerships for its members and continues to explore new opportunities. Ulta Beauty will lead a session on loyalty partnerships at the 2023 Loyalty Expo to share this success.
Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Jessie Rosenberg, Loyalty Strategic Partnerships Manager for Ulta Beauty, about her upcoming session at the 2023 Loyalty Expo. Jessie’s session will explore the value of loyalty partnerships and a framework for evaluating partnership fit and relevance.


Would you give us a brief overview of what you planned to present at the 2023 Loyalty Expo?
Rosenberg: As Ulta Beauty's Loyalty Strategic Partnerships Manager, I'm excited to present on the value of loyalty partnerships. We know loyalty partnerships are a powerful way for brands to acquire new members, add value to existing members and fulfill unmet needs for both the brand and its members. At Ulta Beauty, we've been fortunate to create diverse and remarkable partnerships with brands our Ultamate Rewards® members cherish. These partnerships help us drive ‘brand love.’ For my 2023 Loyalty Expo presentation, I plan to discuss what loyalty partnerships are, the current landscape for loyalty partnerships, the value of partnerships, tips to start navigating the journey, and a framework for vetting partners.
Who do you think would most benefit from attending your session at the conference?
Rosenberg: If your brand is looking to understand the loyalty partnership space and how to get started finding the right partner, this presentation is definitely worth a listen at the 2023 Loyalty Expo. Additionally, if you want to learn more about Ultamate Rewards® and the Ulta Beauty brand, we'd love to have you there.
What are a few key takeaways attendees can expect to learn from your presentation?
Rosenberg: Conference attendees will learn the basics of loyalty partnerships and the different benefits they can create for your company, your loyalty program, and your members. Additionally, I will offer tips on how to start finding that right loyalty partner for your brand.
For more information on the 2023 Loyalty Expo, to see the conference agenda, or to register, visit LoyaltyExpo.com.

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