Officials at U.S. Cellular realize that this is a popular time of year for people to search for prepaid deals so they decided to entice them with an attractive, engaging offer aimed at boosting brand loyalty.

U.S. Cellular is adding more plans and more high-speed data to its highly competitive prepaid offerings. Its popular $45 Simple Connect Prepaid plan now comes with 3GB of high-speed data, the $60 plan now comes with 6GB of high-speed data, and there is a new 12GB high-speed data plan for $75.

For a limited time, U.S. Cellular’s Ready Connect Prepaid offering, available in stores such as Walmart and Dollar General, has added value with high-speed data on the $45 (4GB), $55 (8GB) and $75 (12GB) plans. What’s more, Ready Connect customers can receive $10 off the $75 plan and $5 off the $45 and $55 plans when signing up for autopay. All plans $35 and above on Simple Connect and Ready Connect continue to come with unlimited talk and text.

With U.S. Cellular’s prepaid plans, customers never run out of data with unlimited 1X data while on the carrier’s network, and there are no contracts, credit checks, overage charges, or activation fees.

Alan Compton, Director of Prepaid Product Management at U.S. Cellular, talked to Loyalty360 about how U.S. Cellular is adding value and making it simpler for customers to enroll in the Ready Connect Prepaid offering.
“This is a popular time of year for people looking for prepaid deals, so these plan updates were designed to bring in new prepaid customers to experience a high-quality network that works when and where they need it,” Compton explained. “Because prepaid customers may switch carriers more often than postpaid customers, these plans provide even more value and peace of mind so they can use their phone the way they want without worrying about having a high wireless bill.”

Adding value and simplicity are two huge keys to gaining customer loyalty.

“Now more than ever, wireless customers place a high importance on recommendations from friends and family, so having loyal customers be advocates for us is essential for our company to grow,” Compton added. “We define loyalty by how willing they are to recommend us to friends and family, and by how satisfied they are with their overall wireless experience with us.”

At U.S. Cellular, Compton noted, company officials strive to provide the best wireless experience for its customers, whether they are in-store, talking with the Customer Care team, or using their devices whenever and wherever they want.

“We are proud to provide our customers with a network that works where other carriers may leave off, and we have the most knowledgeable associates in the industry to ensure that our customers have the right plans and devices for their needs,” Compton added.

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