Customer experience is a pretty big deal these days. Technology has evolved in such a way that customers now expect easy, convenient experiences at every touchpoint. They want to be able to shop digitally with every brand, avoid standing in lines, have their orders delivered right to their doors within two days, check into hotel rooms on their phones, and much more. Basically, if you’re not offering a seamless customer experience in the current market, you’re doing something wrong. 
So, when brands get recognized for offering such experiences, we at Loyalty360 like to pay attention. Recently, Taco Bell won the Interactive Customer Experience Association’s Elevate Award for Best Restaurant ICX. The company was recognized with this award for its self-order kiosks, which it implemented with the help of Elo, an interactive technology solution provider.
The kiosks use a custom application managed by Taco Bell that is presented on 22-inch, large-format displays powered by Elo’s EloView platform. Using EloView, Taco Bell is able to manage kiosks at thousands of locations across the country from one central location, which enables a consistent customer experience.
“Taco Bell strives to stay relevant with customers’ ever-changing preferences, and we are honored that the ICX Association recognizes our efforts,” says Rafik Hanna, Senior Director, IT, Taco Bell. “By partnering with Elo, we have succeeded in delivering a frictionless experience to our customers while streamlining our operations. We have unlocked the ability for our fans to make their menu items more cheesy, beefy, crunchy, and more, all with the tap of a finger.”
The Taco Bell kiosk program deployment began in the fourth quarter of 2018, with self-service kiosks now in more than 4,000 locations in the United States. With continued momentum, Taco Bell is on track to complete its national rollout in 2019, bringing the self-service kiosks to nearly 7,000 locations across the country.

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