2016 CX PredictionsIt’s never too early for 2016 predictions that could impact customer engagement, customer loyalty, and the loyalty marketing world as a whole.

Mayur Anadkat, Vice President of Product Marketing for Five9, a contact center software company, shared his thoughts and predictions for 2016 with Loyalty360.

Here they are:

Marketing and technology operations will finally collaborate to improve the customer experience

It’s known that CMO and CIO operations within an organization rarely collide. Now that the customer experience is a priority for all organizations, marketing and technology departments will create synergy between customer relationship management and the technology behind it in order to improve a brand’s voice through better customer service. 2016 will be the first time we see substantial evidence supporting that companies now know what’s important from a brand, technology and marketing standpoint combined.  

Big data is a big deal for the customer experience

There’s been much investment in exploring the big data analytics space and we’ve seen many industries adopt these insights. Connecting the dots between pieces of big data will prove more useful in order to unveil consumer preferences. In the coming year, businesses will find ways to make big data work harder and contact center performance will increase, ultimately shaping better customer service and business outcomes overall.

Contact centers reach their peak within cloud technology

As business expectations constantly evolve, we’re seeing a more urgent need for quick, accessible “on demand” customer service. Until recently, contact center infrastructure–the technology that allows and runs customer service, has been at the tail end of cloud adoption. In 2016, IT professionals will more broadly embrace contact center cloud adoption because of the business opportunities it provides.

CRM cloud adoption meets customers’ growing expectations 

In recent years, we’ve seen customer service evolve rapidly as the contact center and CRM systems integrate more tightly in the cloud. CRM has lead the adoption curve to the cloud, and now will lead the way to enabling businesses to connect the dots between sales, service and marketing in 2016. As customer experience becomes more important, contact centers will be a key piece in providing a broader, 360-degree view of the customer journey to make the customer feel fully supported.

Video gets growth opportunity within customer experience technology

WebRTC has been on the fringe of early adoption for years and has the ability to fundamentally change the way we think about the convergence of audio and video communications. Hard hitters like Apple and Microsoft have made strides toward adopting unified communications but have made it clear they will be more relevant in the coming years. As we move toward WebRTC adoption, contact center technology will adopt visual technologies to create a face-to-face customer experience and allow a more connected form of communication for customers all over the world. 

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