SessionM, a Mastercard company, has partnered with customer data platform provider Amperity to help brands build stronger and more profitable relationships with their consumers.
SessionM helps brands build loyalty programs rooted in customer data, leading to a 45% increase in customer lifetime value. The integration of AI-powered identity resolution and flexible customer profiles through Amperity’s Profile Accelerator for Mastercard brings together the brand’s own disparate data for a holistic consumer view within the SessionM platform.
Giving brands richer knowledge across an enterprise of who their customers are and what they want allows customer-facing teams to deliver experiences that build loyalty and value by making consumers feel understood and appreciated. Having a granular view of where consumers are engaged and what products they prefer, lets brands incentivize them toward repeat purchases in their preferred channel and category.
Amperity’s technology gathers and preserves brands’ data sources, creating unified customer profiles. Amperity’s Profile Accelerator solution can help to provide more efficient data-driven loyalty, analytics, and marketing services rooted in responsible data practices.
This collaboration builds on SessionM’s commitment to making it easier for brands to embrace best-in-class customer engagement in a digital world.
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