Ritz-Carlton Extends Its Luxury Brand to Yachts; Reservations for Loyalty Members Start Next Month

Ritz-Carlton is known for their top-of-the-line luxury hotels, but the brand is getting ready to set sail with a new venture that takes its ultra-luxury experiences to the high seas.
Starting in February 2020, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel group will begin operating three yachts, all offering the same quality of luxury and customer experience that the brand has built its stellar reputation around. Each yacht will be more than 600 feet long, with 149 suites capable of accommodating nearly 300 passengers. Each stateroom has its own private terrace, while the penthouse includes a private whirlpool.
The group announced it will begin taking reservations for trips on the yachts beginning May 21—but only from members of its loyalty program and those of its parent company, Marriott International.
Forty different voyages are scheduled for its inaugural year, most ranging from seven to 10 nights. Specific details about the routes and excursions are still in the planning stages, although its first voyage is slated to be a four-night Caribbean cruise that leaves Fort Lauderdale on Feb. 1, 2020, and journeys to Bimini, Bahamas and Key West.
Other experiences are to include visiting wineries in Bordeaux, France; learning how baby oysters are grown in a private farm in Sete, France; and encounters with a spiritual shaman in the Grenadines.
The various shore excursions are grouped into five categories, according to the company: Iconic Sights (art and culture); Stirring the Senses (wellness); Cultural Connections (wildlife); Active Explorations; and Epicurean Experiences.
The yachts will have their own loyalty program.

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