Red Wing Shoes Transforms the Customer Experience in the Age of the Mobile Consumer

Mobile is transforming the global customer experience at this very moment. Many brands are leveraging this phenomenon to augment their collective customer experience in light of mobile users. Red Wing Shoes has joined this club.

Through a partnership with SIM Partners, Red Wing Shoes launched Velocity store location pages. Founded in 1905, Red Wing Shoes is a leading purpose-built footwear and workwear manufacturing and retail company, specializing in work and outdoor products.

With Velocity store location pages, Red Wing Shoes will maximize its local and mobile search efforts — in conjunction with ongoing Velocity Location Data Management efforts — to drive visibility in the “near me” moments of search. Red Wing store pages, powered by Velocity Publishing, are designed to deliver localized content and contextually relevant experiences that drive “next” moments of engagement and conversion in stores, as well as online.

Loyalty360 talked to Red Wing Shoes CMO Dave Schneider about the company’s push toward a greater customer experience for mobile consumers.

Schneider said the SIM Partners Velocity platform enables Red Wing Shoes to transform the customer experience in the age of the mobile consumer.

“According to Google, search interest in ‘near me’ has increased 34 times since 2011 and has grown at a rate of 146% year-over-year, with 88% coming from mobile devices,” he told Loyalty360. “When a consumer searches for footwear− whether it be via Google, a map, app, or GPS — Velocity Location Data Management ensures that our locations are visible in those “near me” moments through ongoing management, distribution, and monitoring of Red Wing Store location data. Through Velocity Publishing, we are providing consumers contextually relevant content and experiences on store pages to drive ‘next’ moments of conversion.”

According to Schneider, Red Wing Shoes wants to engage consumers in the moment.

“Red Wing Shoes core customers are mobile by nature, as they live and work outside traditional office environments,” he explained. “It’s essential that we are visible when our customers conduct ‘near me’ searches for safety footwear products while on the go. When Red Wing Shoes’ customers need to replace footwear or make a new purchase, they’re using mobile to quickly research and decide on where to go and what to buy. With the Velocity platform, we’re improving the customer experience -- as well as driving foot traffic to our 500-plus retail stores — by making Red Wing Shoes stores visible when those micro-moments of need happen.”
Customer loyalty means everything to the Red Wing Shoes brand and is closely tied to the customer experience.

“Our brand represents a tradition of excellence — from the sourcing of our materials and the craftsmanship of our products, to the expert fittings and premium service provided in our retail stores,” Schneider added. “With a comprehensive location marketing strategy across 500 store locations built on the Velocity platform, we are extending that tradition of excellence into the customer experience to provide the right content, in the right context, in just the right moments — where and when people are searching.”

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