PUMA Launches Sustainability Campaign

PUMA’s new “Voices of a RE:GENERATION” campaign prioritizes sustainability for the next generation. The goal of the new campaign is to involve young people’s perspectives and recommendations for sustainability. 

The campaign is built on research indicating that younger generations want brands to make more sustainability commitments and be more transparent about their environmental impact. The Voices of a RE:GENERATION project will start with four young environmentalists from across Europe and the U.S. engaging in planning over a one-year period. 

“We’ve always documented our progress in sustainable practices. However, our participation in Conference of the People has shed light on the fact that the information we share isn’t always easily understood by the next generation. We recognize the need for change, and we’re committed to making sustainability more accessible and transparent to everyone. Voices of a RE:GENERATION is our first step in improving this,” says Anne-Laure Descours, Chief Sourcing Officer at PUMA. 

The first cohort of the campaign will include: 

  • Alice Aedy — U.K.-based visual storyteller 

  • Andrew Burgess — U.S.-based upcycler 

  • Luke Jaque-Rodney — Germany-based vlogger 

  • Jade Roche — France-based visual artist 


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