McDonald’s Fashion Partnership Releases Upcycled Clothing

McDonald’s has partnered with VAIN to release upcycled clothing. The Helsinki-based fashion label VAIN’s unique collaboration uses McDonald’s employee uniforms as the base for a collection of upcycled garments. The uniform's standard shirts and pants were transformed into dresses, hoodies, skirts, and other pieces. The clothes were designed in a search of new ways to use worn-out workwear and to create new designs by using existing materials.

"When I was first presented with the idea of a McDonald's workwear fashion project I was immediately intrigued," said Jimi Vain, VAIN's creative director and designer, in the release. "Growing up in a very rural part of Finland, there weren't really any dedicated spaces for us to hang out as teenagers. The local McDonald's sort of fulfilled that function for us."

The collection remixes familiar motifs, experimenting with the McDonald's golden arch logo as a belt buckle, and mixing the brand's red-and-yellow color palette with grays and blacks.

According to the brand, Finnish McDonald's employees will have a chance to own the unique garments. The 27 pieces from the VAIN collection will be available to McDonald's employees in the country through an internal raffle. However, the clothing is just for fun and employees will not be able to wear the remixed uniforms to work.

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