Loyalty360 Reads: November 22: Panera Launches Milkshakes, Claire’s Enters Metaverse, and More

Panera Launches First-Ever Milkshakes

Panera Bread is launching a line of milkshakes with three Bakery Shakes, two of which are inspired by Panera’s bakery treats. Panera announced the new menu category Wednesday and will be rolling out the shakes to select test markets.

The flavors include The Kitchen Sink, inspired by Panera’s Kitchen Sink cookie; Fudge Brownie Swirl, inspired by Panera’s signature brownie; and Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl. The milkshake launch will take place in select cities in Texas.

Claire’s Enters Metaverse

Claire’s has opened its first immersive metaverse world on Roblox. ShimmerVille is a transformative digital world to explore, work, play, shop and connect with friends through immersive shared experiences. Visitors can earn digital currency through online activities and can use the earnings to redeem for in-app items, events, and experiences.

Community members can outfit their avatars with jewelry and accessories also available for purchase in real life at Claire's stores. Claire's will also be combining forces with like-minded brand partners through limited-edition merchandise, one-of-a-kind pets, themed housing, games, and activities.

Fast Simon Launches Personalization at Scale

Fast Simon announced the launch of personalization at scale for targeted audiences. The AI-powered shopping optimization company announced the availability of its Audiences - Personalization at Scale. By creating an integrated approach for targeted audiences, eCommerce merchants can design a total personalized shopping experience by customer type and measure the impact of campaigns for current and future shopper groups.

Merchants can create relevant and personalized targeting by selecting suggested customer groups, including anonymous shoppers, frequent buyers, search abandoners, high-intent, and one-time shoppers, recent buyers, and many more. The software is privacy compliant and does not collect any PII customer data.

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