BP Introduces BPme
The convenience store is relaunching its loyalty program under the name BPme, which “will reward high value consumers with 5 cents off every time they fill up using the BPme rewards app, with no gallon restrictions or expiration. Customers will also be able to pay and apply rewards without using the pin pad on the gas pump.”
Customer Experience
McDonald’s Cooks Up More Customized Order and Pay Experience
The fast-food chain is upping its personalization. “Taking a page from the playbooks of Starbucks and Dunkin’, McDonald’s is using customer personalization as a key feature of the ordering experience. Part contextual commerce and part predictive analytics, the burger chain’s technology will look at a customer’s location, weather conditions, and past buying behavior to suggest food and beverage items.”
Taco Bell Is Opening a Hotel and Resort
Taco Bell fans, for a limited time, can stay at a Taco Bell hotel in California. “Other experiences include wedding customers in a Taco Bell-themed ceremony for $600 at its Las Vegas Cantina flagship location. To date, Taco Bell has had over 165 wedding registrations. The brand has also teamed with fast fashion retailer Forever 21 to sell clothes with its logo and imagery.”
Boxed Partners Up to Get into Fresh Groceries is partnering with Lidl to get into the world of grocery retail. “Boxed is betting on Lidl, the German grocery chain which expanded to the US in 2017. Its 68 stores, mostly in the Southeast, are mainly stocked with the chain’s own private-label products. The real potential for Boxed comes with Lidl’s global footprint, which tops more than 10,500 stores in 29 countries.”
Getting Customer Identification Right
“Many assume that deterministic matches are definitive, a gold standard built on explicit connections, while probabilistic matches are dependent on implicit connections and therefore more like guesswork. Not exactly. An explicit data match doesn’t equal correct customer data.”

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