Loyalty360 Reads: May 11: Sweetgreen Introduces Digital-Only Pickup Restaurant, Expedia Launches One Key Customer Loyalty Program, and More

Sweetgreen Introduces Digital-Only Pickup Restaurant
Sweetgreen fast-casual salad restaurant is piloting a new digital-only pickup location in Washington, D.C., The Sweetgreen Pickup Kitchen. The new unit will not have an inside dining area or counter line; it will only have a pickup area and seating at an outdoor patio.

The pickup area will only be for digital orders from the Sweetgreen app, third-party delivery apps, or the company website. The digital-only restaurant “allows Sweetgreen to move quickly to fulfill customer demand and reach new guests in areas that would not otherwise support a full-size restaurant,” according to the company.

Expedia Launches Unified Customer Loyalty Plan
Expedia recently introduced One Key, a unifying loyalty program for Orbitz, Hotels.com and Vrbo. The company said that this move would form “the most complete travel rewards offering in the industry.”

One Key will bring together four existing programs – Expedia Rewards, Hotels.com Rewards, Orbitz Rewards and eBookers Bonus+ — and will offer customers rewards through brands like Travelocity and Vrbo that had no loyalty programs before.

In addition to the new loyalty program, the Expedia Group is progressively rolling out new products aimed at making planning, booking and taking trips easier. Members will be able to earn and redeem rewards across all types of products, including flights, hotels, vacation rentals, car rentals, cruises and activities. 

Taco Bell “Taco Swap” Aims to Earn New Loyalty Fan Base
Taco Bell invites customers to earn free tacos in place of regular meals by participating in a Taco Swap. Taco Swap gives new customers the chance to try one of Taco Bell's crunchy tacos.

Participating international Taco Bell restaurants will shell out local offers on the crunchy tacos worldwide. The brand is calling on fans to share their favorite hacks with the #ISeeATaco hashtag and even dance moves to the official Taco Swap song featured on TikTok and Instagram Reels.
Air Canada Partner Co-Brand Credit Cards Secure Tier Customer Loyalty Status
Air Canada announced an offer to secure loyalty status to its Aeroplan members. In the offer, members can secure their loyalty status through points earned on an Aeroplan Co-branded credit card. Earn can be combined through multiple cards if members hold more than one Aeroplan co-brand credit card.

Premium partner credit cards include American Express Aeroplan Reserve card, and Core cards include TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite card. Non-cardholders may apply for a card to start earning rewards points. This offer by Air Canada is focused on offering members more ways to secure Aeroplan Elite Status during challenging travel times.

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