Loyalty360 Reads: IndiGo to Offer Premium Seating in 2024, United Airlines Explores Using Customer Data to Sell Personalized Ads, Online Shopping Scams Peak on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

IndiGo to Offer Premium Seating in 2024   

India’s largest airline, IndiGo, plans to introduce premium seating next year.  The premium cabin on the low-price carrier will have eight rows with two seats on each side. The seats will provide 36 inches of legroom, 6 inches more than the standard seats. Passengers will enjoy priority boarding, meal service, and greater flexibility to change their itinerary. IndiGo has not commented on pricing yet.  

The airline has indicated it may also launch a loyalty program in 2024. IndiGo holds 60% of the domestic market and has remained profitable despite the recent failure of other Indian airlines.  


United Airlines Explores Using Customer Data to Sell Personalized Ads  

United Airlines is considering using customer data to help advertisers reach passengers with personalized ads, according to The Wall Street Journal. The airline may sell ad space on its in-flight entertainment system and booking app.  

Brands currently advertise in United’s in-flight publications and entertainment system. Giving brands the opportunity to personalize their messaging may boost the carrier’s advertising revenue.  

Airline executives are weighing the possible effects of targeted ads on passengers. In accordance with privacy laws, customers could opt out of having their information used for advertising purposes.  


Online Shopping Scams Peak on Black Friday and Cyber Monday  

The online security provider NordVPN has released a study showing that most shopping scams occur on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Disguised as legitimate offers, the scams usually ask shoppers to enter personal information to receive a special offer. The survey, conducted in October 2023, estimates that nearly 34 million Americans have fallen victim to Black Friday and Cyber Monday scams.  

 “We have seen in the past that cybercriminals become very active during the shopping season, so the 160 million Americans who plan to take advantage of the deals this year should better be on their guard,” said NordVPN cybersecurity expert Adrianus Warmenhoven. “The main thing we encourage people to remember this shopping season is if the offer looks too good to be true or a lot of personal information is requested from you to get a deal — you are probably being scammed.” 

Of the 1,000 U.S. respondents, 87% said they are willing to disclose at least one piece of personal information to receive a gift, discount, or free service from a retailer.  


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