Loyalty360 Reads: Costco Cracks Down of Membership Card Sharing, Lacoste’s NFT UNDW3 Loyalty Program, and More

Lacoste Reveals the Next Phase of Its NFT UNDW3 Loyalty Program 

Lacoste has introduced the UNDW3 card and a token gated community platform as part of its evolved Web3 loyalty program. Holders of Lacoste's 11,212 UNDW3 genesis pass NFTs can now access a groundbreaking personalized experience program utilizing blockchain technology to reward brand builders and creators. The UNDW3 card, a dynamic NFT, grants holders access to Lacoste's Web3 experience platform and enables them to accumulate exclusive rewards that enhance the intrinsic value of the asset. 

“Pioneering the concept of a dynamic NFT within our industry is a testament to our bold vision", said Lacoste deputy CEO Catherine Spindler, in a statement. “Beyond the fleeting trends surrounding NFTs and the metaverse, we see blockchain as an accelerator, ushering in a more inclusive and experiential digital realm. By rewarding creators and fostering horizontal relationships with our customers, we invite them into our creative process." 

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is Back with Early Access for Loyalty Program Members 

On Monday, July 17, Nordstrom is bringing back its highly anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Customers can enjoy limited-time discounts on brand-new arrivals from beloved brands across various categories such as women's, men's, children, beauty, and home. Nordy Club loyalty program cardmembers can access Early Access to the sale starting from July 13, with the exact timing depending on their loyalty status. 

Furthermore, with a focus on customer experience, Nordstrom is focused on making it easy for customers to shop the Anniversary Sale on their terms - delivering the most convenient and connected experience through services and engaging experiences, including free style help, alternations, and next-day pickup of their online order.  

Costco Asks for ID, Makes It Harder for Customers to Share Membership Cards 

In an effort to rein in sharing of paid memberships, Costco is now asking for photo identification, along with customers’ membership cards at its self-checkout registers.  

“Since expanding our self-service checkout, we’ve noticed that nonmember shoppers have been using membership cards that do not belong to them,” the company said in a statement. “We don’t feel it’s right that nonmembers receive the same benefits and pricing as our members.” 

According to Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti, “It’s a really small percent of members who are doing it,” he said. “But when you’re dealing with millions of transactions, even a very small percentage is something you would want to correct.” 

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